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About Us

Aerialworks is a professional, FAA-certified drone photography and videography company. At Aerialworks, we provide award-winning professional aerial services to Media, Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Solar, and Real Estate industries. Whether you're a global national corporation, a government agency, a mid-sized company, or even a small mom-and-pop shop - Aerialworks provides customized solutions that meet a broad range of needs for you.

As an aerial photography company, we provide our clients with better insights through visual documentation of their projects over time. Additionally, our professional, FAA-certified drone pilots, provide smooth, cinematic aerial videos – along with breathtaking aerial imagery that improves the visual “storytelling” experience - which ultimately generates more business for our clients.

At Aerialworks, we value the role we play as one of the trailblazers in the drone service industry.  It is our intention to make it easy for your company, regardless of size, to acquire professional, cinematic drone footage and imagery that will provide you insight and impact your sales.

  What We Do:

  1. Provide stunning aerial photos

  2. Provide smooth, cinematic aerial videos

  3. Provide high-quality acquisition of aerial data 

  4. Provide a responsive, single point of contact  

  5. Provide professional expertise that impacts

  6. Provide customized solutions  

  7. Provide value and eliminate headaches

  8. Provide a turn-key process that gets results 

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Our History

Aerialworks started in 2015 with the sole purpose of providing drone photography and videography to real estate agents.  As the company grew, there were many more needs that drone technology could fulfill - and Aerialworks was happy to meet the ever-growing market needs in the following sectors:  

1. Construction

2. Television Production

3. Journalism

4. Commercial Advertising

5. Sporting Events

6. Wind Turbine Inspections

7. Solar Farm Inspections

8. Roof Inspections

8. Cell-Tower Inspections

9. 3D Matterport Virtual Reality Scanning

Aerialworks' headquarters is located in New York City and serves the tri-state area.  Our staff can travel to any part of the country to meet your unique needs.  

Aerialworks Mission:

To be the industry's "Gold Standard" for drone service providers by staying at the forefront of innovation, technology, and capability!

About the Owner:  

Charles Wimbley – aka Chuck - is the founder and President of Aerialworks USA. Before devoting full-time to Aerialworks in 2015, Chuck served 20-years in the advertising industry as Vice President and President of The Wimbley Group, Inc., a full-service marketing and advertising company in Chicago that catered to Fortune 500 companies such as Mazda, GM, Verizon, Kellogg’s, and BP.  

Chuck’s first love and passion have always resided in the field of aviation.  His second love is photography and music. In addition to being a professionally rated drone pilot with thousands of flight hours of experience, Chuck also has part-time hours in manned aircraft – such as the Cessna 152 Trainer and the Cessna 172 Skyhawk.  He plans to achieve his private pilot rating by 2023. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree - Cornell University   

  • Master’s Degree - Northwestern University

  • Graduate - FBI’s Citizen’s Academy 

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Aviation is Chuck's first love. As a Senior in high school, Chuck planned on applying to the Air Force Academy to play football and become an F-15 fighter pilot. Ultimately, he planned on working for the airlines as a career.  But his plans for the military changed when a couple of Ivy League schools showed interest in him.  As fate had it, Chuck enrolled at Cornell University where he briefly played football for the Big Red Varsity Team.  After graduation, Chuck went on to work with his father for the next 20 years building an award-winning advertising agency that targeted Fortune 500 companies such as GM, Mazda, BP, Kellogg's, and Nabisco.  


The Great Recession of 2008 caused Chuck to change careers and head toward his first love: aviation.  He decided on taking up flying lessons and learn drone technology.  In 2015, the company Aerialworks was born.      



Chuck Wimbley lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife of 23 years, Elizabeth, and their two children Chas and Catherine.  Chuck’s hobbies are photography, music, aviation, and spending quality time with his family.

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