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Aerialworks is a professional, FAA certified, drone services company that uses advanced drone technology to capture smooth, cinematic aerial videos and breathtaking aerial imagery.  Our high-resolution aerial footage and photography help our clients attract and engage more prospects, sell more property, work more efficiently, attain more information, and/or tell a better story.  With Aerialworks, all you have to do is provide us with your problem or vision - and our skilled pilots will execute the plan.  Aerialworks provides customized solutions that fit your unique needs.  



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Aerialworks commercial drone services is conveniently located in the New York City area.  Our customized solutions are designed to fit your needs!  We will travel anywhere to handle specialized aerial projects on a national and international basis.   

Expert Photo & Video

We provide stunning aerial imagery and videos that will showcase your property at its very best.  We can also gather, inspect and evaluate critical data - by use of aerial photography and videography - that turns data into valuable insights for your enterprise.

Simple Scheduling

Save time scheduling.  Let us manage your drone projects while your team stays focused on what it does best.  Simply tell us about your project and we will take care of the rest.

Skilled Drone Specialist

Our pilots are all FAA, Part 107 certified drone professionals.  We understand how aerial imagery elevates your business and will help you determine the best drone service option for you. 


Customized Solutions

We customize our services for your exact needs.  Let us know how we can help you - then our easy scheduling and fast turn around times makes completing a project a snap.   



Drone Photography

According to MLS, homes sell almost 70% faster with aerial images.  Sell your listing faster with beautiful, click-worthy aerial imagery.  Showcase your property from different, beautiful angles that attract premium buyers

Drone Photography & Videography

According to Propmodo Research, videos increase conversions by more than 80%.  Present to your clients, investors, or potential tenants with compelling aerial videos and imagery.  Highlight property locations, popular proximate retailers, and nearby highways.

Drone 3D Photogrammetry  

Track progress with monthly updates, collect valuable data, and showcase your completed work.  Plus, according to Drone Deploy Report, leveraging drones can increase safety on a construction site by 55%.  Drones also help decrease building related waste by  increasing measurement accuracy by 61%. 

Drone Photography & 3D Scanning

Aerialworks helps architectural companies with their design by capturing high resolution photos for a detailed site plan - while improving their productivity,  accuracy in measurements and savings in project cost.  Drones help decrease building related waste by  increasing measurement accuracy by 61%.  Finally, applying aerial photographs or 3D aerial Photogrammetry - Aerialworks can help architectural companies manage the evolution of their construction projects with incredible precision and efficiency. 

Drone Photography & Videography

Drone photography and videography for solar farms is an impactful way to promote your property.  Solar Farms can often be so large that it needs an aerial point of view to capture its true size and scale.


Aerialworks can increase efficiency, enhance safety, and obtain more precise data of your solar farm with aerial drone inspections and lifecycle management.  According to Measure, drone inspection time increased inspection efficiency by 97%.  Average cost savings is $1,254 per Megawatt. 


Drone Photography & Videography

Learn how to tell a better story or provide epic aerial footage that will compliment your cinematic masterpiece. According to a Ferguson and Greer Report, over 50% of TV News Stations and television production companies use drone footage to distinquish themselves from the competition, enhance content programming and increased engagement and viewership.  



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1,000+ Flight Hours Experience

NYC MWBE Certified

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Residential Real Estate • Commercial Real Estate

Virtual 3D tours are a powerful way to showcase your property.  Whether you're a real estate agent, a broker, or a property manager, Aerialworks 3D virtual tours by Matterport can increase commissions, reach a wider audience, and close on properties faster.
• 74% of agents using virtual 3D tours win more listings
• 95% of people more likely to call properties with 3D  
• 82% would switch to an agent offering 3D tours
• 99% sellers say 3D tours provide a competitive edge
• 90% buyers would more likely buy listings with 3D tour
• 55% of buyers would buy a property sight-unseen





Architecture • Engineering • Construction

Whether you work in architecture, engineering, or construction (AEC), you'll be able to streamline documentation, 3D scan as-builts, and collaborate with ease.  With Aerialworks 3D powered by Matterport, you can reduce the cost and help save the most precious commodity - your time. 
• 89% agree that reality capture is the future of AEC.
• 82% say 3D tours better communicates job site status
• 50% reduction of design phase for architects
• 50% reduction in time to capture existing conditions
• 2000% in cost savings in large constructions projects  





 Premium Quality. 

Quick Turnaround. 

Happy Clients!

At Aerialworks, we offer premium drone photography and videography services with professional consistency and reliability for your brand.   We have a culture of excellence and are committed to your success!   

Contact us today and we will turn your project, product, or property into a compelling visual story that will engage, impact, and motivate your audience.  You can get started in three easy steps:

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Describe what you want and let our professionals bring your project to life! 

Schedule a Flight

After confirming your project details & requirements, we will travel to your specified location, wherever it is you need us.

Download Your Aerial Imagery

We will share your drone photos and videos with you and make them available to download.  





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